Link Building Strategies that Still Work – SEO In 2013

Here are some quick tips that can help you build your SEO Link building strategy in 2013


Power of Social Media Signals

Google has realised that social media signals can be used to affect the overall ranking of websites as helps search engines recognize the ‘popular’ content. This is because people are more likely to share, like or consume good content if it is actually rich. Secondly, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are being considers serious marketing tactics by all companies. Another thing that you should consider is the usefulness of Google Authorship markup which will make your content stand out on SERPs, add individuality to your articles and increase your online credibility.


Guest Blogging

Yes, this is another best strategy that can be used as long as you have quality and unique content. Guest blogging is becoming most efficient way of creating high quality quick back-links for your site. You should ensure that site on which you are submitting the content is relevant to your business or theme. Do research about the quality of visitors to the website along with quantity and submit unique content to each guest blogger.


You Competition Matters

Search for your competitors back link and that can give you best idea about where to start. Look for kind of links that your competitor has e.g. links from .gov or .com, any particular industry, blogs etc and use the information build your own link building strategy. Do not always try to place your link on the same websites where your competitor has linked but use that information to create your own strategy.


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